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Session Title: Spherical Harmonic Lighting: The Gritty Details
Speakers: Robin Green
Time/Date: Thursday (March 6) 3:00 pm 4:00 pm
Track: Programming
Format: Lecture
Level: Advanced

Description: Spherical Harmonic (SH) Lighting not only produces amazing Global Illumination style images in real time - soft shadows, area light sources, HDR environment maps, diffuse-diffuse self transfer and glossy surfaces can all be modelled using the same technique, it's basic form can be implemented as a drop-in replacement for diffuse lighting for any 3D platform. This lecture covers the math behind SH lighting, expose it's limitations and how to overcome them and provide you with the set of tools necessary for generating your own SH lighting coefficients.

Idea Takeaway: The background math on Spherical Harmonics they don't tell you in the books. Concrete explanations of how to code the hard parts: SH Rotations and the Global Illumination preprocessor. Plus, pretty demos!

Intended Audience and Prerequisites: Engine programmers and graphics hackers from all platforms looking to master the new ultra-reality look for games.

Download Paper (1.8 MB - PDF file)

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