New PS3 Controller
Motion Controller


The Folding@home™ Distributed Computing Project at Stanford University

Since October 2000, over one million CPUs throughout the world have participated in this distributed computing project. The goal of this project is to research protein folding and misfolding to gain an understanding of how these are related to disease. Folding@home

CELL Processor

The CELL processor is a collaboration between IBM, Sony and Toshiba. CELL: A New Platform for Digital Entertainment


OpenSteer is a C++ library designed to help construct steering behaviors for autonomous characters. OpenSteer's web site contains documentation, source code and executable demos.


Alias, Discreet, Softimage, and Sony Computer Entertainment introduce COLLADA,  to dramatically improve today's content pipeline with an open and extensible,  collaboratively designed interchange file format that enables existing and future tools to scale up to the exciting challenges of the next wave of interactive  content development.
The official COLLADA website -



Game Developers Conference 2006

Presentation by Remi Arnaud.
PSGL (PlayStation Graphics Library)

Presentation by Richard Stenson.
COLLADA for PlayStation 3

Presentation by Craig Reynolds.
Crowd Simulation on PS3

Presentation by Vangelis Kokkevis, Eric Larsen & Steven Osman.
High Performance Physics Solver Design for Next Generation Consoles


Inferring Caravaggio's studio lighting and praxis in "The Calling of St. Matthew" by computer graphics modeling - SPIE 2010

Presented by Gabor Nagy

Emergent Teamwork - Cognitive Animation Workshop - 2008

Presented by Craig Reynolds


Big Fast Crowds on the PS3 - Proceedings of the 2006 Sandbox Symposium

Presented by Craig Reynolds